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Berkley – What Did the T-Rex Taste Like?  Awesome student directed animation sites discovering genetics and how we are all related!

Characteristics of a System

Your team will be responsible for looking up the following characteristics of the system assigned to you:

  • In and Out Flow
  • Storage
  • Transfer and Transformations of Energy
  • Positive and Negative Feedbacks
  • Synergistic Properties 
  • Feedback Loops


2:  Carbon cycle

3: Phosphorus cycle

4:  Nitrogen cycle

5:  Water cycle


What Does the Environment Mean to You?

This assignment is two fold:3989097139

  1. Write a ~250 word blog thoughtfully reflecting on your views regarding the environment including:
  • How do you interact with the environment?
  • What does your environment look like? (sun/snow/etc.).  Why?
  • What personal experiences and cultural understanding have led you to interact in nature this way?

2.  Research and breifly define each of the terms below and then decide where you stand – what does each mean and which do you identify the most with and why? Or do  you feel you have a personal hybrid of these beliefs and why?

  • Anthropocentric
  • Biocentric
  • Ecocentric
  • Technocentric
  • Ecofeminist

Questions to further guide your reflection for part 2 (when in doubt):

  1. How might your belief influence your decision -making on a daily bases?
  2. Do you believe in climate change?
  3. Would you buy solar panels?
  4. Participate in composting?
  5. Pick up litter you see on the streets?
  6. Buy organic foods?
  7. Challenge big businesses?
  8. does the label you give yourself actually describe whom you are a s a person?
  9. Do you follow through on these beliefs or  is this belief an ideal?

Due Monday February 22, Posted to blog by 9:00 AM!

Branches of Environmental Science

4014611480As we have discussed in class, Environmental Science is very integrative. The definition we synthesized in class was:

The physical, chemical and biological interactions of organisms in the environment.

In a blog post, list 7 branches of science, define them, and then justify how they can connect to environmental science as well as connect to another branch of science.

Post a link to your blog in our Google + community.

Timeline Activity


The earth is over 4 billion years old.  Life first originated in the oceans 3.4 billion years ago.  The dinosaurs died out 65 million years in the past.  Human recorded history stretches back 10,000 years in time.  This assignment is designed to give students an introduction into global marine/terrestrial development from a scientific perspective.

Task:  You are required to create a representation of historical events related to the study of life.  The representation must be in the form of a timeline, but the timeline can take on a variety of styles:  prezi, drawing, power point, video, song, clock, newspaper, PSA, etc… Use your creativity!  Your timeline does not have to be a straight line.

The assignment and rubric can be found here.

See this example of a power point.

These are also good examples of prezi’s:

  1. Dayne (not exactly the same assignment – his teacher made changes to my assignment, but they are very close to one another).
  2. Josie


Due on February 16 at the start of class!

What’s Going On In Flint????

There has been a lot of media coverage around the water crisis in Flint, Mich.  You are to write one blog post explaining what has happened, and what is being done to rectify the situation.  Read the article “It’s All Just Poison Now” to help get you started  Your blog post must contain:

  • 2 hyperlinks from sources other than the one I provided you
  • 1 video
  • A brief synopsis of what is happening
  • Your thoughts on how this will impact the ecosystems around Flint.

If you are stuck with how to embed a hyperlink this video will help you out!

Adding a video from youtube is very easy!  Just find the video you want to embed on youtube, copy and paste the link.  Click on the Media button on the left hand side of the your dashboard – choose insert youtube – paste your link into the browser.  Voila!

Once you are done creating your blog – you must scroll to the bottom of this page and choose the category you want it to go into (Environmental Science) – then publish!