What Does the Environment Mean to You?

This assignment is two fold:3989097139

  1. Write a ~250 word blog thoughtfully reflecting on your views regarding the environment including:
  • How do you interact with the environment?
  • What does your environment look like? (sun/snow/etc.).  Why?
  • What personal experiences and cultural understanding have led you to interact in nature this way?

2.  Research and breifly define each of the terms below and then decide where you stand – what does each mean and which do you identify the most with and why? Or do  you feel you have a personal hybrid of these beliefs and why?

  • Anthropocentric
  • Biocentric
  • Ecocentric
  • Technocentric
  • Ecofeminist

Questions to further guide your reflection for part 2 (when in doubt):

  1. How might your belief influence your decision -making on a daily bases?
  2. Do you believe in climate change?
  3. Would you buy solar panels?
  4. Participate in composting?
  5. Pick up litter you see on the streets?
  6. Buy organic foods?
  7. Challenge big businesses?
  8. does the label you give yourself actually describe whom you are a s a person?
  9. Do you follow through on these beliefs or  is this belief an ideal?

Due Monday February 22, Posted to blog by 9:00 AM!


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