School Yard Garden – TE1 e,f

Your team has been tasked to design a sustainable 2o’ x 20′ garden for Milestone School!  You have creative freedom but must stay within the following parameters:

  1. Your budget for EVERYTHING is $100.  You must create a detailed expense list and submit with proposal.
  2. Indicate where you plot will be located at Milestone school (drawing / blueprint) – include as many drawings as you feel you need.
  3. What will you plant in your garden (we are aiming for a vegetable/fruit garden), remember to price these out as well (if starting from seeds, when will you start these, what will you use as a “greenhouse” to start these in?  How long is the germination time for the plants, how tall will they get, what will you pant them beside and why (mutually beneficial – think beans & corn, squash, squash, squash squash – three sisters planting).
  4. What needs to be done to the ground to prepare it for planting?  How will you keep pests out?  Are there any insects or other organisms that would be beneficial to your garden that you would introduce?
  5. How long will your garden be producing for?  What do you need to do at the end of the season to prepare it for winter?
  6. When will you harvest your plants?  Will some plants be harvested earlier than others?  If so, can you re-plant in that area?
  7. What types of fertilizers (if any) will you use, when, how much, cost?
  8. Day to day maintenance and schedule created – who does what, when?
  9. How much sun will your plants need?  Watering schedule? Type of soils – will you add top soil and manure in to your garden?


Your professional proposal (bid on the job) is due to be presented to classmates on Tuesday, May 24th during class.  The “winning” proposal (as voted on by the class), will then have one week to polish up their proposal and present to community members and staff of Milestone school!  Let’s do this ES20!!!!

Student created rubric.


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