Welcome to Science 10 T2!

science 10A

Welcome to Science 10!   Below, I have listed important sites for you to become very familiar with and why:

  1.  WordPress (the same blog site that I am using) – I require you to start your own wordpress blog – this will be a site that we will use from here on out for all of your science classes.  You will be required to make a page for Science 10  (I will show you how to do this).
  2. Planbook – I share my daily plans with my students – if you are going to be away or miss a day it is YOUR responsibility to get caught up on (and check out) what you missed.  Please be diligent in checking this site!
  3. Twitter – my twitter “handle” is @cooperscience1.  We will not be using Remind any longer, and will be moving to Twitter for announcements, reminders, etc.  The reason for this is that I like the direct messaging application with this platform.  I also like that we can take videos with our smart phones of our labs and post to twitter for further class discussions. In this class, we will be using #cooperscienceS10.  Many of our assignments will focus around tweeting current events.
  4. Read over the rubric very carefully!
  5. Join our Remind community here.
  6. Introduce yourself to me using this short Google Form survey!

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