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Student Directed Study ES20AP

Student Directed Study is designed to give students a chance to study what they are interested in within the Environmental Science 20 curriculum.  Not only does this unit give the students a chance to study what they want to – but also to present their finding in a format or platform that will increase student understanding and awareness of the topic.

Due:  June 20, 2017 posted to your blog by 9:00 AM!!!  Presentations will begin this day – each presentation is to be a minimum of 30 minutes in length.


Welcome to Health Science 20!


Welcome to Health Science 20!   Below, I have listed important sites for you to become very familiar with and why:

  1. Planbook – I share my daily plans with my students – if you are going to be away or miss a day it is YOUR responsibility to get caught up on (and check out) what you missed.  Please be diligent in checking this site!
  2. Twitter – my twitter “handle” is @cooperscience1.  We will not be using Remind any longer, and will be moving to Twitter for announcements, reminders, etc.  The reason for this is that I like the direct messaging application with this platform.  I also like that we can take videos with our smart phones of our labs and post to twitter for further class discussions. In this class, we will be using #cooperscienceHS20.  Many of our assignments will focus around tweeting current events.
  3. Read over the rubric very carefully!
  4. Introduce yourself to me using this short Google Form survey!