Letter to the Future

Science 10: Climate Change and Ecosystem Dynamics
Outcome 1 (a,b): Assess the consequences of human actions on the local, regional, and global climate and the sustainability of ecosystems.

A Letter from the Future
DUE: _______________________________

For this assessment, you will be writing a letter to the current premier of Saskatchewan (Brad Wall), but you will be writing it as if you live in the year 2210. You will be writing your letter from one of two points of view:

The people of 2016 further shifted the paradigm to one of sustainability and the year 2210 is a great place to be

The people of 2016 did not further shift their paradigm to one of sustainability and the year 2210 is an awful place to be

You may want to answer some (or all!) of the following questions in your letter. These will help you show that you can meet the outcome.

How does it feel to live in 2210? Why?
What events happened in the past that has lead to your current situation?
What were some of the motives behind the change / lack of change?
What was the turning point / point of no return?
What do you see happening to the people of Saskatchewan after 2210?
What advice do you have for the people of 2016?

To achieve full value, you must show an understanding of the concepts of sustainability and paradigm shifts (these must be worked into your letter). A letter that fully demonstrates a mastery of the outcome will be approximately ¾ – 1 page long, single spaced.


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