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Summary of Learning (Final Assessment)

Note:  This assessment has been adapted from Dr. Alec Couros and Katia Hildebrandt’s Summary of Learning that they have their students perform at the University of Regina.

Students will produce an artifact (e.g., narrative, slide deck, audio, video, concept map, other visual, etc.) that summarizes the learning experience in this course. The artifact should reference significant course experiences (e.g., units that we have studied, Science in the News topics and how they relate to our course, discussions, labs, trips, fire building, etc.). Your own recorded live audio and/or video is required. Students may work with a partner for this activity; suggested a length of artifact = 5-7 min for individuals, 8-10 in pairs. In some cases, the format will necessitate artifacts of shorter or longer duration – please consult me if your project will fall outside of these parameters.

Due date: Students will share these artifacts to their blogs prior to the final assessment date.  We will present our Summary of Learning to each other during the scheduled final assessment block.

Course weight:  As this is a final assessment, your Summary of Learning holds a weight of 20% – Grade 10’s                         25% – Grade 11’s                          30% – Grade 12’s

Please pay attention to the assessment rubric.  DO NOT WAIT until the end of the course to begin your assessment, this is designed for you to work on throughout the entire course.  You will be given SOME time to work on this at the end of the course (during what would have been your review classes). 

Some examples are below (these are from a few courses that I took at university, therefore the subject matter is not Environmental Science, however, the final product will give you an idea of what I expect).

Try using iMovie or Movie Maker:

Maybe you could make a song!

How about creating a game?

Or using something like PowToon!


OR you could create something like Prince Ea:

 You will present your summary of learning during the scheduled final exam time slot!