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Terrestrial Ecosystems


For this unit, we will become “world travellers” – Yes, I am going to take you on an adventure!  So, pack your bags, grab your passports and lets get ready to go!  Oh!  You may want to bring along your headphones too, you never know what good shows will be playing!

Lesson 1 – this lesson will only take you one day to complete.  I will introduce the concept of Logbooks to the entire class at once.

Lesson 2 –  this lesson will take three days to complete.  I will give you the handout for the flower – colour this and put it into your logbook.

Lesson 3 – this lesson will take two days to complete.  You are responsible for printing out the handout for leaves and colour it – put it in your logbook when done.  We will be doing some lab work with this lesson.  Leaf Epidermis Peel Lab – we will work on this together as a class on a rainy day when we can not get outside.

Lesson 4 – this lesson will take two days to complete.