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Assignment Calender


What is an Assignment Calendar?   This is an easy to search chronological archive of our unit!  I will post what we did in class, assignments, reminders, announcements and updates as needed.  How does this benefit you?  This is a place where you can go to check out what we did during the day (if you were missing school) and is a place where I will be posting assignments, some extra resources,  or links to blog posts of the assignment.  This post will be very helpful to you if you would like to check on a past resource or assignment if needed!

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 26 

  • Career Assignment due today – posted to your blog before the start of class.
  • Begin Aquatics unit – introduction to microscopes and beginning River Study:  you are required to find 2 mammalia, 2 plantae and 2 protista.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 27

  • First 30 min of class to work on your River study.
  • Physical and Chemical properties of water.  You must do the assignment on slide 1 plus the vocabulary on slide 5 for tomorrow.  Come prepared to discuss.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 28

  • First 30 min of class to work on your River study.
  • Science in the News presentation.
  • Factors affecting aquatic systems.  Make a table to compare all of the factors.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 29

  • We supported our senior Angles and watched the home tournament.

Monday, OCTOBER 2

  • Corrected / Reviewed factors affecting aquatic systems and began Biological Indicators.  We discussed Keystone species, invasive species and indicator species.

Tuesday, OCTOBER 3

  • River study all period

Wednesday, OCTOBER 4

  • Continued with our Biological Indicators
  • Complete this chart for homework, we will correct it tomorrow!
  •  Launch Activity

Thursday, OCTOBER 5

  • Water consumption, flooding and drought.
  • Finish all questions plus the learning check for tomorrow.

Friday, OCTOBER 6

  • Correct questions
  • Work on Case Studies (Activity 6) – You and your group are responsible for completing your assigned section of the chart.  This is a collaborative document where I have given permission for everyone to edit it.  You have 20 minutes only to complete this task!
  • Unit assessment is scheduled for Monday, OCTOBER 16.  Study this review to help you prepare.

Tuesday, OCTOBER 10

  • Today we worked on water quality and pollution (page 39-41).  Your homework for tomorrow is to do activity 7 and learning check on page 42.  Remember, for activity 7 you are only required to write out ~8 sentences.

Wednesday, OCTOBER 11

  • Correct questions, hand in Activity 7 (I will mark this).
  • Water management notes (page 42-44)
  • Discuss Lake Diefenbaker – what has happened to this lake in the last few years?  Why?  this will be important to know and understand (hint, hint).
  • Due for tomorrow

Thursday, OCTOBER 12

  • Science in the News
  • Water cycle notes –> end of the unit.
  • E-coli testing:  How clean is the water in the river?

Friday, October 13

  • River study work period OR you can study for your exam on Monday.
  • Our e-coli sample is turning colour

Monday, October 16

  • Exam

Tuesday, October 17

  • Correct exam
  • Work on River Study

Wednesday, October 18

  • Erin Brokovich

Thursday, October 19

  • Erin Brokovich

Friday, October 20

  • Finished Erin Brokovich