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Evolutionary Arms Race

If you were absent from class today due to Grad photos, or an absence in general.  You are required to watch this video and answer these questions.  We will take these up tomorrow for marks!


Team Task 2

Team Task 2

Reproduction, Growth & Development:

  • Are there certain cells specialized for reproductions, or can any cell give rise to offspring (binary fission, seed & spore dispersion, gamete production)?
  • What are the stages of growth for the organism?


Cell & Body Structure:

  • What is the basic body plan?
  • What are the organism’s cells like?
  • What are the cell walls made of?
  • What are some specialized cells?
  • How do organisms in your kingdom move (kinesis, taxis & locomotion)?
  • How do they maintain homeostasis (biofeedback, fluid regulation and thermoregulation)?


Digestion, Transport & Excretion of Nutrients:

  • How do organisms in your Kingdom acquire, breakdown, and transport nutrients in their bodies.
  • How do organisms in your Kingdom remove toxic by-products and wastes from their bodies?


Sensing & Responding to the Environment:

All organisms respond to their environment!

  • How do organisms in your Kingdom sense the environment (for food, for danger, for mating partners, light, touch, chemicals, gravity, etc.)?
  • In what ways do they respond to what is sensed & defend themselves against threats such as pathogens & disease (behaviorally, structurally and physiologically)?


Your presentation should be ~ 5 minutes


You must create a one page handout (single sided) for the rest of the class – these will be used for the assessment


You will be given two class periods to work on this  – Presentation is due to your blog by 9:00 am the third class day – be ready to present this day!




3 – Satisfactory 5 – Excellent
Presentation / Impact Difficult to find information
Little student voice is evident
Several errors in language
Adequate layout
Some student voice evident
Few errors in language
Layout very user friendly
Student voice very evident
No errors in language
Content & Handout

(weighted x2)

Several missing requirements
Little depth of content
Incorrect scientific information
Requirements generally met
Content coverage acceptable
Scientific info generally correct
All requirements met/exceeded
Great depth of content
All scientific info correct

Kindgom Animalia

Kingdom Plantae

Kingdom Fungi

Kingdom Eubacteria

Kingdom Archeabacteria

Team Task 1

Team Task 1: Energy transfer.

In your team groups:
To design, create and evaluate a model to demonstrate transportation of materials (energy into or out of the cell) at the interface of the cell membrane through the processes such as  active (i.e. exocytosis, endocytosis) and  passive (i.e. diffusion, osmosis, facilitated) transport. Yes – you will be creating multiple models (i.e. not just 2)!
You will only be given two class periods to work on this.  You will need to research the above types of transport – make sure you have a clear understanding of each (will be on the assessment).  State which model is created for a unicellular or multicellular organism (or both) and why. Analyze how intercellular and intracellular processes and biofeedback maintain homeostasis at the cellular level.
Models are due in three class periods (at the start of class = homework), you will be assigned a team to evaluate!