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Conservation In The News


This year, each student will be responsible for researching a current event!  You will work on this assignment independently and on your own time.  Yes, this is homework!  Just as science and technology, conservation is integral to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and there are a lot of stories presented each week on the news or news sources.  Please see this handout for the assignment.

Note – the assignment says “Science In the News” – we will follow the same handout and layout for this assignment, but focus on Conservation!

Conservation In The News Student Presentation Dates

Date Student Name (s)
February 8  Faron, Cara
February 15  Blake, Charles
March 8  Riley, Tyren
March 15  Connor, Regan
March 22  Cassie, Samantha
March 29  Talen, Tyler
April 12  Dylan, Zach
April 18  Matthew, Courtney
April 26   Camille, Ashley
May 3  Hannah, Mikayla
May 10  Randi, Hunter
May 17  Christian, Megan
May 24  Nic, Marquel
May 31  Rachelle, Kayla
June 6  Kaitlyn