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Student Directed Study – Action Project

How can you help feed the world?  Why is this such an important topic to discuss? As you travel the world throughout this course, you will choose one country to focus on and develop a plan to help solve an issue in the country.  A copy of the assignment can be found here.  You may also want to access this website (World Food Prize) for resources.

This project is worth 15 % of your overall mark.  While there is a written component to this project, there will also be a 3-4 minute spoken component, you must create a visual representation of your report.  The visual representation can be a product of your choosing, but should be a business plan – how will you help your country deal with the issue you chose?

Rubric for the project can be found here.

Sources for citing work – Remember to choose APA:



Citation machine

This exemplar is an excellent source to check your formatting and to verify if you are working up to your potential. The student who submitted this paper received an exceptional mark (the student was in grade 11 when this paper was written, therefore I know you are capable of such work).
It is very important that you maintain Academic Integrity while doing research. You MUST give credit to an author when you borrow any of their work (directly or indirectly). See here for proper citing formats required by Mrs. Cooper. I take proper sourcing VERY SERIOUSLY!!! If you do not source your paper properly, I will hand it back, your SDS will sit as an NHI until re-submitted by the date decided upon. Only when your paper has been sourced properly will I mark it and change your mark on HomeLogic.

In my class, we use APA formatting.  This is a very good infographic.  Use it, please!

This project will be due on April 20.


Science In the News

This year, each student will be responsible for researching a current event!  You will work on this assignment independently and on your own time.  Yes, this is homework! Science and technology are changing at a rapid pace, it is important that we keep ourselves informed in order to be scientifically literate citizens in our communities.  Please see this handout for the assignment.


ES20 Science in the News Presentation Dates

Date Student Name (s)
February 8  Dean
February 15  Tanner
March 8  Nic
March 15  Michael
March 22  Reece
March 29  Deva
April 12  Katie
April 18  Kaitlyn
April 26   Rhett
May 3  Kaylum
May 10  Alexa
May 17  Dylan
May 24  Trai
May 31
June 6