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Student Directed Study is designed to give students a chance to study what they are interested in within the Wildlife Managemet curriculum.  Not only does this unit give the students a chance to study what they want to – but also to present their finding in a format or platform that will increase student understanding and awareness of the topic.  I  strongly  advise students to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and present in a way other than in a paper format.

Create and be creative!

Try to create a remix

 or  account to discuss and network with others (outside of the  school, province, country) on your topic, create a poster or an infographic using piktochart, create a 120 second Youtube video, vlog, blog, create a newspaper, create an interactive whiteboard, etc…  the possibilities are endless!!!!

If you choose to write a paper for your SDS, please read below

This exemplar is an excellent source to check your formatting and to verify if you are working up to your potential. The student who submitted this paper received an exceptional mark (the student was in grade 11 when this paper was written, therefore I know you are capable of such work).
It is very important that you maintain Academic Integrity while doing research. You MUST give credit to an author when you borrow any of their work (directly or indirectly). See here for proper citing formats required by Mrs. Cooper. I take proper sourcing VERY SERIOUSLY!!! If you do not source your paper properly, I will hand it back, your SDS will sit as an NHI until re-submitted by the date decided upon. Only when your paper has been sourced properly will I mark it and change your mark on HomeLogic.

In my class, we use APA formatting.  This is a very good infographic.  Use it, please!

This is the rubric for self-evaluation, it must be handed in with your project.