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Assignment Calendar


What is an Assignment Calendar?   This is an easy to search chronological archive of our unit!  I will post what we did in class, assignments, reminders, announcements and updates as needed.  How does this benefit you?  This is a place where you can go to check out what we did during the day (if you were missing school) and is a place where I will be posting assignments, some extra resources,  or links to blog posts of the assignment.  This post will be very helpful to you if you would like to check on a past resource or assignment if needed!

MONDAY, November 27

  • Begin genetics unit!  Homework assigned – due next Thursday.
  • Mendelian genetics
  • Video:
  • Gregor Mendel: Greater Minds questions and video:



TUESDAY, November 28

  •  Punnent squares
  • Monohybrid crosses

WEDNESDAY, November 29

  • Work period for questions from yesterday.  Will correct tomorrow!

THURSDAY, November 30

  • Exams handed back, go over
  • Flies
  • Science in the News

FRIDAY, December 1

  • SDS

MONDAY, December 4

  • Review monohybrid crosses
  • Begin dihybrid crosses

TUESDAY,  December 5

  • Dihybrid cross worksheet

WEDNESDAY, December 6

  • Mark di-hybrid cross worksheet
  • Kahoot
  • Potluck!!!

THURSDAY, December 7

  • SDS work period
  • correct textbook questions

FRIDAY, December 8

  • Sex-linked traits

Good video to help you review!

MONDAY, December 11

TUESDAY, December 12

  • Work period – 2 sets of handouts due at 11:30 am on Thursday

WEDNESDAY, December 13

  • Work period – 2 sets of handouts due at 11:30 am on Thursday

THURSDAY, December 14

  • Work period until 11:30
  • Science In the News
  • Correct questions

FRIDAY, December 15

  • Textbook questions due!
  • Correct handouts
  • Flies

MONDAY, December 18