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Assignment Calendar


What is an Assignment Calendar?   This is an easy to search chronological archive of our unit!  I will post what we did in class, assignments, reminders, announcements and updates as needed.  How does this benefit you?  This is a place where you can go to check out what we did during the day (if you were missing school) and is a place where I will be posting assignments, some extra resources,  or links to blog posts of the assignment.  This post will be very helpful to you if you would like to check on a past resource or assignment if needed!

Thursday, February 1

Friday, February 2

  • SDS exemplar – Due June 1
  • Science In the News
  • Jurassic Park opening – where do you think this opening addresses the topics we will discuss this year?
  • Jurassic World – note where genetics, evolution, biotechnology and organization of life are discussed in this movie.

Monday, February 5

  • Continue with Jurassic World

Tuesday, February 6

  • Finish Jurassic World
  • Due Wednesday, February 14 at the start of class!

Wednesday, February 7

  • Reminder – Science in the News first presentations are on this Thursday.
  • Timeline Assignment – introduction – will work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  I have booked the computer lab for you.
  • Developments on the Idea of Life – complete all and create jot notes for class tomorrow.  Ensure that you are watching all videos.  Come to class prepared!

Thursday, February 8

  • We discussed when life begins and when life ends
  • Characteristics of life

Friday, February 9

Monday, February 12

Tuesday, February 13

Wednesday, February 14

  • Textbook questions due
  • Homeroom at 9:25

Thursday, February 15

Friday, February 16

  • Timeline of life presentations today!

Monday, February 26

  • Timeline of life presentations today!

Tuesday, February 27

  • Finish presentations.
  • Correct BBC First life questions – you WILL see these again (hint).

Wednesday, February 28

  • Finished presentations
  • Began Evolution

Thursday, March 1

  • MMM!!!!!
  • Work on your animals

Friday, March 2

  • Last class period to work on your animals for MMM – due Wednesday!

Monday, March 5

  • Not A SNOW DAY, but a bus day with an incredible amount of snow!  But we will still go on with our content.  Today we discussed the Myths of Evolution and talked about the important scientists who were vital to our understanding of Evolution today.  The notes for today’s class can be found here.

Tuesday, March 6

  • Worked on our MMM today – I have changed the due date to THURSDAY and NO VIDEOS 🙂 Your welcome!

Wednesday, March 7

  • Adaptations

Thursday, March 8

  • MMM BRACKETS PICKED TODAY – the first draw is on Monday!!! Who do you think will win????

Friday, March 9

  • Corrected questions
  • New questions assigned – Due Monday, March 20

Tuesday, March 13

  • Cladograms and Phylogenic trees
  • Nova Labs – Mission 1, 2, 3 due for Thursday.
  • Check the winners of your MMM – tomorrow night is Round 1!  Check here for the draws!

Wednesday, March 14

  • Work on your questions from Ms. Leugner from yesterday – these are due tomorrow!
  • If done, work on your textbook questions
  • MMM Round 1 battle – Great Adaptations – is tonight beginning at 6:30!

Thursday, March 15

  • Battle of the Beaks
  • Worksheet due tomorrow
  • Review sheet for exam – Exam on Wednesday, March 21

Friday, March 16

  • Excel tutorial!
  • Correct questions for Battle of the Beaks

Monday, March 19

  • Continue with excel tutorial




Timeline Activity


The earth is over 4 billion years old.  Life first originated in the oceans 3.4 billion years ago.  The dinosaurs died out 65 million years in the past.  Human recorded history stretches back 10,000 years in time.  This assignment is designed to give students an introduction into global marine/terrestrial development from a scientific perspective.

Task:  You are required to create a representation of historical events related to the study of life.  The representation must be in the form of a timeline, but the timeline can take on a variety of styles:  prezi, drawing, power point, video, song, clock, newspaper, PSA, etc… Use your creativity!  Your timeline does not have to be a straight line.

The assignment and rubric can be found here.

See this example of a power point.

These are also good examples of prezi’s:

  1. Dayne (not exactly the same assignment – his teacher made changes to my assignment, but they are very close to one another).
  2. Josie


Due on February 16 at the start of class!