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Assignment Calendar


What is an Assignment Calendar?   This is an easy to search chronological archive of our unit!  I will post what we did in class, assignments, reminders, announcements and updates as needed.  How does this benefit you?  This is a place where you can go to check out what we did during the day (if you were missing school) and is a place where I will be posting assignments, some extra resources,  or links to blog posts of the assignment.  This post will be very helpful to you if you would like to check on a past resource or assignment if needed!



  • Jurassic Park opening – where do you think this opening addresses the topics we will discuss this year?
  • Jurassic World – note where genetics, evolution, biotechnology and organization of life are discussed in this movie.


  • Continue with Jurassic World


  • Finish Jurassic World
  • Due Monday, September 18 at the start of class!


  • Magazine Sale info – assembly and packages handed out.
  • Reminder – Science in the News first presentations are on this Thursday.
  • Bioethics of Jurassic Park – complete and discuss during class.
  • Timeline Assignment – introduction – will work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  I have booked the computer lab for you.
  • Developments on the Idea of Life – complete all and create jot notes for class tomorrow.  Ensure that you are watching all videos.  Come to class prepared!

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 12

  • Kahoot
  • Characteristics of Life
  • When does life begin?  When does life end?

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 13

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 14

Friday, SEPTEMBER 15

Monday, SEPTEMBER 18 – Welcome Week:  Christmas

  • Finished off the “life” portion of our Life and Evolution unit
  • Great discussion about the owning and giving of life

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 19- Welcome Week:  New Years / Picture Day

  • Watched BBC First Life:  Conquest and answered these questions.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 20 – Welcome Week: Mother’s Day

  • Timeline of Life presentations

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 21 – Welcome Week:  Valentine’s Day

  • Science in the News presentation today
  • Finish up our Timeline of Life presentations

Friday, SEPTEMBER 22 – Welcome Week:  Fathers Day

  • Timeline of Life presentations

Monday, SEPTEMBER 25:

  • Timeline of Life presentations

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 26:

  • Timeline of Life presentation

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 27:

  • Discussion of Macro evolution – make sure you know the types of evolution for future assessments (hint, hint).
  • Assignment due Friday:
    • read pages 278-301
    • page 283 # 1-3
    • page 285 # 1-4
    • page 296 # 1,2,4
    • page 301 # 1

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 28 – Terry Fox Walk – No Class – Bring your money for donations and hamburgers at noon.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 29

  • Correct questions
  • Notes on Evolutionary discoveries and historical contributers
  • Science in the news today

Monday, OCTOBER 2

  • Finished historical contributions by scientists.
  • Began discussing Natural Selection and discussed the first 2 postulates. Note:  This is not my own power point – it was created by someone other than myself.

Tuesday, OCTOBER 3

  • Complete discussion on Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest

Wednesday, OCTOBER 4

  • Battle of the beaks lab – due  Wednesday.  Each person must hand in their own formal lab write up!

Thursday, OCTOBER 5

  • Excel information, will work on Tuesday, come to school with your outline done.
  • Selective pressures
  • Watch the below video and describe the 4 selective pressures.  Also tell us why the islands are young.

Friday, OCTOBER 4

  • SDS

Tuesday, OCTOBER 10

  • Worked on outline for lab report (Battle of the Beaks).  Outline is due at the end of class and the lab report is due tomorrow.
  • Review for your unit exam.  Exam is on Tuesday.

Wednesday, OCTOBER 11

  • Work on SDS in lab 6

Thursday, OCTOBER 12

  • Work on SDS in lab 6

Friday, OCTOBER 13

Monday, OCTOBER 16

  • Mrs. Abbot

Tuesday, OCTOBER 17

  • Review period

Wednesday, OCTOBER 18

  • Exam day!

Timeline Activity


The earth is over 4 billion years old.  Life first originated in the oceans 3.4 billion years ago.  The dinosaurs died out 65 million years in the past.  Human recorded history stretches back 10,000 years in time.  This assignment is designed to give students an introduction into global marine/terrestrial development from a scientific perspective.

Task:  You are required to create a representation of historical events related to the study of life.  The representation must be in the form of a timeline, but the timeline can take on a variety of styles:  prezi, drawing, power point, video, song, clock, newspaper, PSA, etc… Use your creativity!  Your timeline does not have to be a straight line.

The assignment and rubric can be found here.

See this example of a power point.

These are also good examples of prezi’s:

  1. Dayne (not exactly the same assignment – his teacher made changes to my assignment, but they are very close to one another).
  2. Josie


Due on September 20 at the start of class!