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Assignment Calendar


What is an Assignment Calendar?   This is an easy to search chronological archive of our unit!  I will post what we did in class, assignments, reminders, announcements, and updates as needed.  How does this benefit you?  This is a place where you can go to check out what we did during the day (if you were missing school) and is a place where I will be posting assignments, some extra resources,  or links to blog posts of the assignment.  This post will be very helpful to you if you would like to check on a past resource or assignment if needed!

Thursday, March 22

  • Is it Alive? – Yeast lab

Friday, March 23

  • Cell City Analogy activity

Monday, April 9

  • Work on your SDS

Tuesday, April 10

  • History of Classifications of Life
  • Know the domains and kingdoms of life!
  • Come to class prepared to participate!

Wednesday, April 11

  • Dichotomous keys – with your left shoe 🙂
  • Begin “creature” dichotomous key – will have 20 min to work on tomorrow

Thursday, April 12

  • Dichotomous key -finish the creature key
  • Begin the fish key – due for marks on Monday

Friday, April 13

  • Continue working on dichotomous keys – when done, try the harder classification key (not for marks)
  • Reminder – textbook questions due on Tuesday

Monday, April 16

  • Correct fish key
  • Work on the Dichotomous Key of Life
  • Textbook questions due tomorrow

Tuesday, April 17

Wednesday, April 18

  • COWS – Why meatless Monday’s
  • Eubacteria – Cell Walls
  • Introduce Team Task 1

Thursday, April 19

  • Work on SDS today – Lab 6 is booked for you

Friday, April 20

  • Team task 1 – due next Friday, April 27
  • To design, create and evaluate a model to demonstrate transportation of materials (energy into or out of the cell) at the interface of the cell membrane through the processes such as active (i.e. exocytosis, endocytosis) and passive (i.e. diffusion, osmosis, facilitated) transport. Yes – you will be creating multiple models (i.e. not just 2)! You will only be given three class periods to work on this.  You will need to research the above types of transport – make sure you have a clear understanding of each (will be on the assessment).  State which model is created for a unicellular or multicellular organism (or both) and why. Analyze how intercellular and intracellular processes and biofeedback maintain homeostasis at the cellular level.Models are due in three class periods (at the start of class = homework), you will be assigned a team to evaluate!

Monday, April 23

  • SDS – computer lab 6 is booked for you

Tuesday, April 24

  • Work on Team task 1 – computer lab 6 is booked for you

Wednesday, April 25

  • Work on Team task 1 – computer lab 6 is booked for you

Thursday, April 26

Friday, April 27

  • Finish CR
  • Begin PS

Monday, April 30

  • Work on SDS

Tuesday, May 1

  • Unit notes can be found here.
  • Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis comparison sheet due tomorrow