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Welcome to Wildlife Management 10/20!

Welcome to Wildlife Management 10/20!  Below, I have listed important sites for you to become very familiar with and why:

  1.  WordPress (the same blog site that I am using) – I require you to start your own wordpress blog – this will be a site that we will use from here on out for all of your science classes.  You will be required to make a page for Biology  (I will show you how to do this).
  2. Snapchat – search cooperscience – you will see a photo of Tyson!
  3. Read over the rubric very carefully!


In this course we will focus on the following foundational objectives:

  1. To demonstrate safety practices while engaged in outdoor experiences.
  2. To develop values that will increase an appreciation and respect for wildlife.
  3. To understand the role and obligations of government agencies, interest groups and individuals to preserve wildlife.
  4. To examine issues and opinions as to how wildlife should be managed.
  5. To develop skills that allow students to appreciate the natural world through direct experiences.
  6. To examine relationships between wildlife species and humans and how populations are affected.
  7. To research the structure, diversity, behaviour and habitat of Saskatchewan wildlife species.
  8. To create an awareness of and respect for laws that regulate human interaction with and exploitation of wildlife.
  9. To cultivate an appreciation and understanding of how other cultures view wildlife.
  10. To develop workplace skills, knowledge and attitudes in wildlife management that may lead to successful employment.
  11. To recognize how the work skills developed in the classroom will be used to meet workplace expectations.
  12. To be aware of the career opportunities in the field of wildlife management that exist in Saskatchewan and other provinces.
  13. To integrate classroom learning with work-related learning.
  14. To increase awareness of employability skills as they relate to the work environment.
  15. To understand how skills acquired in school may transfer to the workplace.